Thursday, December 06, 2007

Old posts from (part 22)

25th May 2007 - 02:02:24 PM
82099 : Kurt Steinberg
Turd Ferguson (82098) and Vaq (82088), you both have blinders on to the world! "Dustin Diamond" is merely the stage name for Max Goldberg. Someone in the Screen Actor's Guild had already claimed the name "Max Goldberg," and so Max chose to act under the name "Dustin Diamond." Come on, that name "Dustin Diamond" sure sounds made up when you think about it, doesn't it?

25th May 2007 - 11:31:47 AM
82097 : Kurt Steinberg
Diamond, when you are pulling a train with Belding and Tuttle, who does you from the back and who in in the front? Also, after blowing his load, does Belding trun around, bend over, and say "Choo choo" while blasting a wet fart right in your face? Please get back to me soon, buddy!

24th May 2007 - 11:35:52 PM
82086 : Kurt Steinberg
Diamond, is it true that A.C. Slater hired you to help him smuggle illegal aliens across the Mexico-U.S. border? Remember when he drove a U-Haul van while you stayed in the storage portion with a bunch of Mexican nationals? Remember how they were all gay and they used you as their "comfort Jew"? Remember when you contracted several STD and your zoinker was really itchy? You really got fucked over, didn't you?

24th May 2007 - 06:19:15 PM
82079 : Kurt Steinberg
Diamond, if I were to eat a deep dish sausage and pepperoni pizza with extra cheese and then sit on your face and drop ass, do you think you would mind?

24th May 2007 - 05:10:26 PM
82075 : Kurt Steinberg
Grow Up (82074), Diamond would definitely not invest in municipal bonds (neither should you in you're under 40). I could see Diamond pissing his t-shirt money away on a get-rich-quick scheme. I saw an infomercial for a stock market options trading scam the other day. I could totally see Diamond wasting all of the money from his t-shirt scam on something like that.

24th May 2007 - 01:18:26 PM
82071 : Kurt Steinberg
Diamond, does it bother you when you think about the fact that a fry cook at Bruger King makes more moeny than you (and attracts better women!)?

23rd May 2007 - 12:20:33 PM
82030 : Kurt Steinberg
Diamond, thank you for finally taking the time to delete the spam. It's about time this guestbook gayed up! You are a gay icon and are doing a service to queers around the world by using this website to promote your homosexual agenda. Thanks buddy!

23rd May 2007 - 09:57:51 AM
82020 : Kurt Steinberg
The real Dustin Diamond (message 82002), I heard that you yelled out "That's a spicy meatball!" in your best Italian-sounding voice while gobbling down the turd that Belding had left in your spaghetti lunch that was stashed away in your Dukes of Hazzard lunch box. Are you sure that didn't happen?

23rd May 2007 - 12:28:29 AM
82000 : Kurt Steinberg
Diamond, is it true that Mr. Belding used to ocassionally break into your locker at Bayside and take shits in your Dukes of Hazzard lunch box? I heard he did that one time when you had brought spaghetti for lunch, and when you picked up a meaty Belding turd with your fork at lunchtime and started eating it, you said "that's a spicy meatball!" Please confirm if this is true. Thanks, buddy!

22nd May 2007 - 04:35:35 PM
81975 : Kurt Steinberg
JewveBeenFramed, Katana/Interceptor3 is asking about you:

22nd May 2007 - 10:23:34 AM
81942 : Kurt Steinberg
Diamond, do you have irritable bowel syndorme? Is that why you kept farting on the Celebrity Fit Club set, especially during hte kayak race? Did Belding and Tuttle damage your colon when spitroasting you all of those times at Bayside?

21st May 2007 - 10:57:52 AM
81866 : Kurt Steinberg
Diamond, why did you keep farting during the kayak race on Celebrity Fit Club? You're so disgusting that you didn't even care that they were recording you at the time! Were you out at the Taco Bell dumpsters the night before and that's why you had the gas problem?

21st May 2007 - 10:42:08 AM
81865 : Kurt Steinberg
Diamond, do you remember that time when your were a student at Bayside and Slater smacked you in the head with a kickball and everyone (including coach Sonski) started laughing when you fell over? Remember when you went crying to Belding and he gave you a tender hug and made you feel a lot better? Remember how you stopped feeling better when Belding's wandering hands reached down into your Zubaz and grasped your tiny cock? Remember when he punched you in your tiny pre-pubescient ballbag and you fell over in pain? Remmebre when Belding tore off your Zubaz and his huge middle-aged cock played "hide-and-go-seek" inside your asshole? That was a bad day for you, wasn't it?

21st May 2007 - 12:51:51 AM
81849 : Kurt Steinberg
Diamond, do you remember the Senifeld epsiode where George Costanza is interviewing for a job with a company and the hiring person leaves before definitively saying whether George had the job? George showed up the next week when that guy was out of town and started working on the "Penske file."

The reason I bring it up is because the guy who hired George in that episode was named "Mr. Tuttle."

Is it true that the Mr. Tuttle from Seinfeld and the Mr. Tuttle from Saved By the Bell stalked you on the NBC studio lot? Did they jump you and drag you into Dennis Haskins' trailer where they proceeded to spit-roast you in front of Dennis? I'm pretty sure I saw an article about this in Entertainment Weekly a few years ago, but I thought I should ask you for some inside details. Thanks, buddy!

17th May 2007 - 01:56:45 PM
81747 : Kurt Steinberg
Diamond, you sure were a dick in that video clip!

14th May 2007 - 04:20:36 PM
81707 : Kurt Steinberg
Diamond, when Mr. Belding is violently ass-slamming you, is it true that he refuses to give you a reach around and instead makes you jerk off your own tiny cock? What about when you and Ross the Intern were making love on the Celebrity Fit Club set? Did Ross ever give you a reach-around while stretching out your butthole?

31st December 1969 - 06:00:00 PM
81694 : Kurt Steinberg
Diamond, when you were having sex with Ross the Intern on the rowdy Celebrity Fit Club set, who was the pitcher and who was the catcher?

31st December 1969 - 06:00:00 PM
81689 : Kurt Steinberg
Diamond, thanks for finally deleting some of the spam that has been posted here. To show my appreciation, I'd like to give you a nice gift! Please meet me in the bathroom at the Phillips 66 gas station on Wilshire on the west side of Beverly Hills. Come to the second bathroom stall, knock three times and then say the code word "Zoinks! Zoinks!" I will then let you in give you some unprotected buttsex. After I am done ass-slamming you, I will take a shit in your jew-fro and then dunk your head in the filthy toilet! Let's hook up, buddy.

Check out this nice e-card I made for you. It's it great that you have such caring fans?

06th May 2007 - 01:20:20 AM
81177 : Kurt Steinberg
Princess Peussie, quit posting here, SHITHEAD! Nobody likes you. Milo the janitor ought to track you down and sodomize you with his mop and then brun you with his crack pipe.

Remember this story about you?

"15th May 2005 - 11:22:34 PM
13557 : Ox
Screech, remember that episode where you were playing kickball during gym class at Bayside? Remember when Kelly was at the plate and she kicked the ball to you while you were playing shortstop? Remember when you fielded the ball and wildly threw it toward Zack, the first baseman? Remember when you were so uncoordinated that the ball slipped as you threw it and it hit the second baseman in the head? Remember when the second basement was a weirdo that liked to be called the "Prince"? Remember when everyone thought he was a complete faggot? Remember how he was the only kid in school that you could beat up, as he was even more scrawny than you? Remember when he got up after you hit hit with the kickball and came at you crying and screaming like the big pussy that he was? Remember when he swung at you with flailing arms? Remember when you kicked him in the nuts and he fell over? Remember when a crowd started forming around you two yelling "FIGHT!!! FIGHT!!! FIGHT!!!" as you squared off with the Prince? Remember when Mr. Belding ran out in the gym and said "hey, hey, hey, waht is going on here?" Remember when the Prince ran over to Belding and told him that you hit him with the kickball for no reason? Remember when Mr. Belding picked up the kickball and said "was it this kickball, you stupid FAGGOT?" as he whipped the ball at your face from a distance of a mere 10 feet away? Remember when the ball hit the Prince in his face, shattering his nose and spraying blood everywhere? Remember when the entire class started laughing and called the Prince a stupid piece of cocksucking shit? Remember when Slater said "whoa, that's a lot of blood" as Zack gave the Prince a legsweep, knocking him to the ground? Remember when Slater dropped trow and then dropped an HIV+ pile of shit on the Prince's bloody nose? Remember when the HIV from Slater's feces made its way into the Prince's bloodstream, giving the Prince HIV? Remember when Mr. Dewey, the science teacher, ran into the gym with a syringe and said "Prince, take this, it will make you better" as he injected the Prince? Remember when he finished the injection and then told everyone he had just injected the Prince with the Ebola virus? Remember when everyone started laughing? Remember how the Prince was a bloody, fecal-covered mess by this point? Remember when you said "alright, he's had enough... JUST KIDDING, WE'RE JUST GETTING WARMING UP!!!" as you kicking the Prince in the nuts and then yanked off his gym shorts? Remember when everyone laughed because the Prince was hung like a gnat? Remember when Slater, Zack, Mr. Belding, Maxwell Nerdstrom, and Mr. Dewey took turns stomping on the Prince's tiny hairless beanbag? Remember when I said "let me have a chance! I'm strong like an OX?" Remember when I stomped so hard on the Prince's nuts that his nutsack broke open and his tiny balls rolled out? Remember when Salter said "Prince, I think these belong to you" as he stuffed then down the Prince's throat? Remember when the Prince was in the hospital for months afterward and has been seeing a psychiatrist for years? Remember when you went to your 10-year Bayside high school reunion and discovered that the Prince had a sex change and now goes by the name "Princess Puessie"? Remember when Princess Peussie started posting retarded things in message board because he thinks they are funny, when in reality only a stupid fecal-munching pervert would find any of his postings funny? You and the Bayside gang sure screwed over the Prince in that episode!"

03rd May 2007 - 04:09:12 PM
80984 : Kurt Steinberg
Diamond, why did you let the spammer post all of those non-gay spam messages here? I'll have you know that it took me an extra 87 seconds to find a hot queer fantasy to read while rubbing one out. Diamond, when I'm at work masturbating while reading posts here, I cannot afford to spend that much time looking for spank-worthy posts! What would happen if someone had walked into my office and my pants were off? Also, don't you realize that my leather office chair quicky starts to smell like ass when I sit on it naked after having eaten Taco Bell for lunch? What in the hell is wrong with you?!!! I demand that you ban the spammers and delete the spam that has been posted recently!

01st May 2007 - 09:49:23 AM
80698 : Kurt Steinberg
Hopper, I'm going to track you down and make your Italian ass pay for spamming up this board! This is a QUEERS-only message board. Diamond set up this guestbook as a service to his homosexual fans, so that they can have a cnetralized place with which to freely exchange gay fantasies involving him being sodomized and abused by the other dudes on SBTB.

Your spam is clogging up this board and making it harder for raging homosexuals like myself to find spank-worthy posts to read while rubbing one out. That really upset me! I'm going to eat some Taco Bell and then drop trow, bend over, and spray diarrhea all over your greasy head. Let's hook up!

27th April 2007 - 05:19:17 PM
80313 : Kurt Steinberg
Tank-ass, what is the deal with all of this spam?? You queer fans are having difficulty finding hot spanyworthy posts amid a sea of spam. I demand that you delete this spam right away! I promise I'll drop a nice big deuce onto your neatly trimmed beard if you do this right now. Your tiny cock must be rock hard right now while you think about this great offer!!

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