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Hot "Remember When" Posts From and The Dustin Diamond Love Forum

These are some of the hottest posts I've ever seen posted at and the Dustin Diamond Love Forum:

11th May 2005 - 02:41:07 AM
13485 : Ox
Screech, remember that episode where Slater tripped you during a basketball game you were playing in gym class at Bayside? Remember when you told the teacher what had happened and Slater was sent to Mr. Belding's office? Remember when Mr. Belding called you down to his office and you thought he was going to ask about the incident so that he could document everything before suspending Slater? Remember when you walked into Mr. Belding's office and Slater jumped out from behind the door and punched you in the chin? Remember when MR. Belding stood up and you saw that he was naked and stroking his schlong while watching Slater beat your ass? Remember when Slater kepting punching you in the chest and ribs? Remember when he tore off your now-bloody Zubaz and had unprotected buttsex with you? Remember when Mr. Belding walked over and blew his load in your 'fro? Remember when MR. Belding kicked you in the head and you lost consciousness and went into a coma? Remember when an ambulance was called and you went to the hospital? Remember when Zack and Slater visited you after you came out of your coma? Remember how you were on an IV drip? Remember when Slater used medical tape to tape your hands together? Remember when you thought (and hoped) he was doing this so that he could have kinky gay sex with you? Remmeber when he yanked off the IV bag and took into the bathroom and took a runny shit in it? Remember when he came back out and hooked up the bag of his shit to the IV drip? Remember when you got blood poisoning and almost died? Remember when you went into another coma and permanently lost 25% of your brain's mental capacity? Slater sure got you good that time!

16th May 2005 - 12:22:34 AM
13557 : Ox
Screech, remember that episode where you were playing kickball during gym class at Bayside? Remember when Kelly was at the plate and she kicked the ball to you while you were playing shortstop? Remember when you fielded the ball and wildly threw it toward Zack, the first baseman? Remember when you were so uncoordinated that the ball slipped as you threw it and it hit the second baseman in the head? Remember when the second basement was a weirdo that liked to be called the "Prince"? Remember when everyone thought he was a complete faggot? Remember how he was the only kid in school that you could beat up, as he was even more scrawny than you? Remember when he got up after you hit hit with the kickball and came at you crying and screaming like the big pussy that he was? Remember when he swung at you with flailing arms? Remember when you kicked him in the nuts and he fell over? Remember when a crowd started forming around you two yelling "FIGHT!!! FIGHT!!! FIGHT!!!" as you squared off with the Prince? Remember when Mr. Belding ran out in the gym and said "hey, hey, hey, waht is going on here?" Remember when the Prince ran over to Belding and told him that you hit him with the kickball for no reason? Remember when Mr. Belding picked up the kickball and said "was it this kickball, you stupid FAGGOT?" as he whipped the ball at your face from a distance of a mere 10 feet away? Remember when the ball hit the Prince in his face, shattering his nose and spraying blood everywhere? Remember when the entire class started laughing and called the Prince a stupid piece of cocksucking shit? Remember when Slater said "whoa, that's a lot of blood" as Zack gave the Prince a legsweep, knocking him to the ground? Remember when Slater dropped trow and then dropped an HIV+ pile of shit on the Prince's bloody nose? Remember when the HIV from Slater's feces made its way into the Prince's bloodstream, giving the Prince HIV? Remember when Mr. Dewey, the science teacher, ran into the gym with a syringe and said "Prince, take this, it will make you better" as he injected the Prince? Remember when he finished the injection and then told everyone he had just injected the Prince with the Ebola virus? Remember when everyone started laughing? Remember how the Prince was a bloody, fecal-covered mess by this point? Remember when you said "alright, he's had enough... JUST KIDDING, WE'RE JUST GETTING WARMING UP!!!" as you kicking the Prince in the nuts and then yanked off his gym shorts? Remember when everyone laughed because the Prince was hung like a gnat? Remember when Slater, Zack, Mr. Belding, Maxwell Nerdstrom, and Mr. Dewey took turns stomping on the Prince's tiny hairless beanbag? Remember when I said "let me have a chance! I'm strong like an OX?" Remember when I stomped so hard on the Prince's nuts that his nutsack broke open and his tiny balls rolled out? Remember when Salter said "Prince, I think these belong to you" as he stuffed then down the Prince's throat? Remember when the Prince was in the hospital for months afterward and has been seeing a psychiatrist for years? Remember when you went to your 10-year Bayside high school reunion and discovered that the Prince had a sex change and now goes by the name "Princess Puessie"? Remember when Princess Peussie started posting retarded things in message board because he thinks they are funny, when in reality only a stupid fecal-munching pervert would find any of his postings funny? You and the Bayside gang sure screwed over the Prince in that episode!

26th September 2004 - 07:47:50 PM
10055 : Ox
Screech, remember that episode where Slater was working in the cafeteria during lunchtime to make a little extra money to support his coke habit? Remember when it was taco day at lunchtime? Remember when you purchased a taco and Slater yelled out from the grill "hey Screech, let me put my beef in your taco?" Remember when you said that the taco you had just purchased already had a lot of ground beef in it? Remember when Slater promised he'd give you more beef? Remember when Slater made you come into the back to get the extra beef? Remember when you opened a door and walked back by the grill and were startled when you saw Mr. Belding with his pants down? Remember how Mr. Belding was stroking his middle-aged cock while looking at a picture of Zack in the Bayside yearbook? Remember when he blew his wad right when you walked in and his load landed in your eyes, temporarily blinding you? Remember when Slater yanked down your pants as you fumbled around? Remember when you asked Slater what he was doing, and he said "Screech, I'm gonna put my beef in your taco, just like I said I would, BITCH!" Remember when Slater anally violated you for several minutes until he pulled out, spun you around, and blew his Mexican load all over your face? Remember when you start crying, and Slater became enraged and kicked you through the kitchen door and out into the cafeteria? Remember when all the kids started laughing at you? Remember when Mr. Belding came up to you and said "hey, hey, hey! What is going on here?" Remember when Mr. Belding put his arm around you, told you everything would be ok, and excorted you back to his office? Remember when you realized that everything would not be ok when Mr. Belding threw you on the ground and teabagged you?

18th March 2005 - 04:20:38 PM
12787 : Dner
Hey Dustin? Remember on E! True Hollywood Story: Saved by the Bell, how the interviewer made you cry like a stupid fucking jew when he mentioned the time you were raped during the filming of Saved by the Bell Hawaiian Style? Remember how he mentioned how you went into a Denny's bathroom? Remember how a man came out of the bathroom stall next to you and approched you? Remember how you felt "nervous" and "uneasy" when he stood behind you looking over your shoulder watching you piss out of your tiny cock? Remember how you said "excuse me?" to the man? Remember how you grabbed you by your greasy jew fro and smashed your face into the urinal? Remember how you fell on the floor crying like a bitch still pissing? Remember how you felt when you were covered in your own piss and blood? Remember how you felt when you saw that it was actually Dennis Haskins that had did this too you? Remember how he whistled for Mario Lopez to come out of the other stall? Remember how Dennis Haskins stepped on your face so Mario Lopez could jerk off his spicy latin cock to the sound of you screaming? Remember how he unloaded his cum in your bleeding head wound? Remember how Dennis yelled "my turn!" and pulled his pants down and jammed his unlubed cock in your ass? Remember how you bled as he pumped your ass with his massive principal cock? Remember how you screamed in pain and Mario Lopez kicked your teeth out and yelled "SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU STUPID JEW! SHUT THE FUCK UP!!" Remember how Mario then fucked your toothless bleeding mouth while Dennis was still getting it on with your now torn asshole? Remember how Dennis pulled your arms back really hard and it made you scream while he shot his load in your bleeding ass? Remember how he said "how's a little HIV juice for you Screech?" Remember how he pulled out and squated over you? Remember how Dennis then sprayed his shit all over you? Remember how Mario came in your mouth and you gagged on his cum and threw up on the floor? Remember how Mario rubbed your face in the vomit? Remember how he turned you over on your back and shat on your face? Remember how he rubbed the shit in your hair and face and kick you in the mouth again? Remember how Dennis said "I'm sorry, let me clean you off?" Remember how Dennis Haskins then pissed all over you and Mario did the same? Remember how they kept kicking you in the head until you passed and then hog tied you with your own clothes? Remember how they then threw you in a bathroom stall naked and covered in their HIV infected bodily fluids and left you there for dead? Remember how you came too and saw Mark-Paul Gosselaar standing there? Remember how relieved you felt that he came to your rescue? Remember the horror you felt when whipped out his cock and finished you off? Remember how he carved his initials into your queer hairless boy chest so that you'd always be reminded of who did this too you? Remember how Dennis and Mario came from behind him with polaroid camera? Remember how they then carved their names in your chest? Remember how the then took a bunch of pictures of you laying there so they could jerk off to them later on? Remember how the only clear thought you had was how violated you felt? Remember how the feeling of violation made you erect and turned on? Remember how the then saw your tiny erect penis and then kicked you straight in the junk for being a jewish homo? Man, they really grilled you for the details in that interview!!

Posted: Sep 13 2006, 06:42 AM
That reminded me of the zoo trip episode. Screech, remember the episode where you went on a field-trip to the zoo with Belding, Zack and Slater? Remember how Belding decided it would be funny to throw you into the gorilla enclosure? Remember how the gorillas eyed you up hungrily and started stroking their hardening schlongs? Remember how the silverback alpha-male grabbed you roughly and tore down your zubaz before plunging his mighty saber into your too-tight ass? Remember how you felt your colon tear horribly as the gorilla went in deeper? Remember how he mercilessly pounded your destroyed ass whilst tossing you around like a scrawny rag-doll? Remember how you noticed that all the other gorillas, as well as the chimps in the adjoining cage and Zack, Slater and Belding, were all stood around masturbating furiously at the spectacle? Remember how the hot stench of primal lust in the air reminded you of the time you were gang-raped in the boy's changing room by Ox, Slater and Marvin Nedick? Remember how the alpha-male roared mightily before gunning an astonishing amount of semen into your corrupted digestive tract? Remember how this was a sign for all of the others to climax, and a call of the wild went up as everyone ejaculated simultaneously? Remember how thick ropes of hot animal sperm arced through the air, drenching you thoroughly? Remember how the alpha-male withdrew, took a shit in his hand and mashed it into your jew-fro? Remember how the zookeeper later told you that, in gorilla society, this meant that the two of you were now married? Remember how you were forced to live with your new husband for 6 months until he finally suffered a heart attack one night while reaming your ass for the umpteenth time? You sure are one unlucky sonofabitch!

Posted: Apr 24 2006, 08:41 PM
Dustin, do you remember when the studio decided to get rid of the Kevin the robot prop and how you thought that Kevin was real? Remember how much you cried like little girl and your older castmates laughed at you so much that you ran into Milo's broom closet and cried for hours on end. Remember when you found some voodoo stuff of Milo's and you did voodoo to make Kevin come back to life. Remember how several day's later Kevin found you and you took him to your house. Remember how Kevin would knock you out and take advantage of you. Remember one time you woke up and found your chest cavity ripped open and Kevin was taking a dump in your chest? Remember how he saw you came to, so he took a baseball bat and knock you out? Remember how Kevin made you undress in front of him and stuck his cock in you and shot thick ropey loads in your rectum. Remember how you never questioned why a robot could take a dump or shoot thick ropey loads on you, or even why Kevin's penis looked like a real human cock? Remember how one time Kevin ass raped you, robbed your house, called you the stupidist faggot in the world and you never saw or heard from him again? Well I've got some news for you. What you didn't know is that when the studio threw out the Kevin suit, I was digging in the garbage cans. I found it and dressed in it with the full intention of engaging in gay sex with you and than humiliating you. I really got you that time you stupid fag. I mean come on dipshit, it was a fake robot, yet it was able to shit on you and it had a flesh penis. Are you that fucking retarded? The best part was when I took that shit in your chest and beat you with the bat. Remember how you kept crying for your mommy until I finally knocked you out cold. Remember how you woke up in a pool of blood and feces. Remember how I sat there with a grin on my fake robot face? Rmember when I said you had crabs and needed to shave your pubes. Remember how afer you shaved, I threw carburator fluid all over your penis and it burned. Remember how you curled into the fetal postition and cried. If Kevin the robot showed up at your doorstep, would you let him in? Damn I bet I can get you good again. Silly fag.

Posted: Nov 7 2005, 08:18 PM
Screech, remember when Bayside High held a talent contest, and you entered with your stand-up routine? Remember how psyched you were about going on, because you thought you were God's gift to stand-up comedy? Remember how you took the stage and tore into your routine with gusto? Remember how your routine consisted primarily of toilet humor, blue language and insinuations that Zack and Slater were lovers? Remember how you also 'zinged' Mr. Belding, at one point calling him a "big bald cocksucker"?

Remember how you thought your routine was hot shit and was going down really well, even though two thirds of the audience left because they were offended either by your adult language or by the fact that your routine was utter shit? Remember how at one point you looked into the audience and saw Zack, Slater and Belding glaring at you in a deeply malicious manner? Remember how you just figured they were jealous of your talent, and went into a particularly lascivious routine about the three of them gang-banging in the locker room? Remember how, even though you left the stage to a shower of "BOO"s and various hurled objects, you were so deluded that you thought you'd gone down really well?

Remember when you came to school the next day, and people kept caling you names, but you just figured they were quoting from your act? Remember how you got your first indication that the act might not have gone down too well when you were standing in the lunch queue and Ox walked up and said "hey cock-taster, your act was fucking shit", and kicked you hard in the balls?

Remember how you got your second indication when, at the end of the day, Belding, Slater and Zack grabbed you in the parking lot, bundled you into Belding's car, and drove you out to an abandoned warehouse on the wrong side of town? Remember how they marched you inside and threw you on the ground? Remember how they started whaling on you? Remember how Zack said "we'll show you just how gay we are, faggot!!" and tore down your zubaz? Remember how he forced his un-lubed cock up your ass, while Slater stuck his smelly erection in your mouth? Remember how Belding stood there stroking his schlong to the sight of you being spit-roasted? Remember how Zack and Slater filled both ends of your alimentary canal with hot semen?

Remember how they withdrew and you fell to the ground, thinking the ordeal was over? Remember how your relief turned to horror when Belding pulled you up by the afro, stuck his erection in your face and said "STEP UP TO THE MIC, FUNNY-MAN!!!"? Remember how he tried to force his cock into your mouth, but you kept your mouth shut? Remember how Belding remedied this situation by kicking you in the mouth and knocking all your teeth out? Remember how he started throat-fucking you? Remember how you felt you were gonna throw up, but couldn't because Belding's wang was supressing your gag reflex? Remember how you moaned "VOINKFFF!!!" Remember how Belding bellowed like a hippopottamus and fired his seed down your throat? Remember how he threw you to the ground like a discarded toy, and you lay there, vomiting up a combination of bile, blood, semen and teeth? Remember how. to top it all off, Slater dropped trow and gave you a nice Taco Bell shower?

Remember how you heard them walking out and thought that at least now the ordeal was over? Remember how your relief again turned to horror when they came back in brandishing a boombox and a length of rope? Remember how Zack and Slater picked you up and tied you to a chair? Remember how Belding hit play on the boombox, which started playing "Stuck in the Middle" by Steeler's Wheel? Remember how Belding started to dance around you, like in the scene from Reservoir Dogs? Remember how instead of dousing you with petrol, the three of them gave you a golden shower? Remember how Belding suddenly produced a knife and sliced off your gonzo nose?

Remember how they kicked you over and walked out, leaving you for dead? Remember how you passed out? Remember how you came to a while later, awoken by the sound of people entering the building? Remember how you thought you were to be rescued? Remember how your relief once again turned to horror when you discovered that the intruders were a gang of sex-crazed hobos looking for spare ass? Remember how they ravaged your battered form in an orgy culminating in all of them bukkake-ing you? Remember how they drenched you with their STD-ridden semen?

Remember how you said "ZOINKS!"?

I guess now you'll think twice before insulting your fellow cast members in your stand-up routine! Or maybe you won't...

Posted: Jul 18 2005, 04:50 PM
Hey Screech,

Remember that Twilight Zone episode of Saved By The Bell?

Remember how, in the episode, you built your very own time machine out of old cardboard boxes from your time in the hobo episode? Remember how you christened it "Zubaz 1"? Remember how everybody laughed at your invention citing how it had no electricity or buttons?

Remember how you dived into your time machine saying "I'll show you!" and you "disappeared" to god knows who knows "when"?

Remember how you really wanted to get back to the swinging sixties when Belding was a up-and-coming (literally and metaphorically) sports star? Remember how you wanted to feel his big jock schlong before he lost all his hair and became the "Hey, hey, hey, what's going on here" jerk he was back then?

Remember how you "arrived" in Dallas, Texas and you thought you'd have a peek behind the Grassy Knoll -- remember how you saw Belding there with a rifle? Remember how he pointed it to you and it suddenly went off?


Remember how you suddenly awoke and realised it was all a dream, within a dream? Remember how your face felt sticky as if someone had dumped glue all over your face?

Remember how when you refocused your eyes you saw Belding's closed eyes of satisfaction as he dumped his final drops of schlong milk all over your face?

Remember how you couldn't explain how there was a black-and-white picture of Belding in full cop uniform smiling with a rifle in the background with a big cheesy grin whilst he stood next to Elvis and Sam from the TV show Quantum Leap?

You sure were on a lot of drugs back then...

26th February 2005 - 05:24:09 PM
12519 : Rocco
I just watched a christmas episode of sbtb where the gang runs into a homeless family at the mall. Screech and Zack run into the vagrant in the malls bathroom where screech is trying to dry his wet pants. Wet, because Zack had pissed on him a few minutes earlier. The bum was scrubbing his armpits in the sink and had an obvious erection as soon as he saw Screech! To brighten up the mood Zack told the bum he was going to give him an early christmas present and ran out of the bathroom locking the door behind him. The bum quickly dropped trow and jumped on Screech beating him unmercifully! He first used Screech's fro like a sponge to clean his ass with then he began pounding his ass finishing off with a nice donkey punch redering screech unconsious. To top off the Xmax spirit he crapped on his head then unlocked the door and went on his way. The rest of the gang entered the bathroom and laughed and sang Xmax songs while screech lay on floor moaning and bleeding with a big smelly shit dripping off him!

15th November 2004 - 01:07:58 AM
11049 : Ox
Screech, remember that episode where you were playing your robot, Kevin, at chess? Remember when you beat him a couple of times and Kevin got really pissed at you? Remember when you kept celebrating and made your robot leave because you told him you wanted to take a nap afterward? Remember when instead of taking a nap, you pulled out your Bayside yearbook and started masturbating while looking at pictures of Zack, Slater, and Mr. Belding? Remember when Kevin walked back into your room and caught you playing with yourself? Remember when Kevin became enraged and lunged at your neck with his metal claws? Remember when he pulled down his robot pants and cut off yours? Remember when he inserted his robotic metal penis into your buttholes? Remember he grabbed your abdomen roughly with his metal claws and started bouncing you up and down on his metal woodrow? Remember when you cried out in pain and he told to to "shut the fuck up, faggot!" Remember when he pulled out and said he was about to blow his oily load? Remember when he told you to open his mouth and then blew his oily robotic load on your tongue? Remember when you were relieved that Kevin was finally done with you? Remember when you quickly learned that he was not done with you when he started smacking you in the face with his metal claws and told you that because he was a robot, he could do you until his battery supplies ran out? Remember how disparaged you felt when he said that and you quickly realized that maybe you shouldn't have installed a metal penis on Kevin? Your robot really got you good that time!

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