Sunday, June 26, 2011

Picture of Rick Bawls' "Mother"

It is well-established that my obsessive Internet stalker, a Toronto resident who calls himself "Rick Bawls," is a raging homosexual who apparently masturbates several times away while thinking about me. It is also known that Rick Bawls is the son of notorious necrophiliac serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. However, not much was known about his mother until recently.

New information has been brought to my attention about Rick's "mother." Apparently Rick's father anally deposited his unusually potent seed into the colon of a cross-dressing man known only as "Jizelle." A recent picture of Jizelle is shown below. I heard that Rick Bawls' fetus grew within Jizelle's rectum until one day when Jizelle thought he was taking a massive dump only to look down into the toilet and see the baby Rick Bawls looking back at him!

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