Monday, June 13, 2011

More Spankworthy "Remember When" Posts From The Dustin Diamond Love Forum

These are some more of the hottest posts I've ever seen posted at the now-defunct Dustin Diamond Love Forum:

Diamond learns about fitness
Dner - April 1, 2011 02:41 AM (GMT)

Diamond, remember when you were playing dodge ball in gym class? Remember when Slater said, “YO FAGGOT!” and threw a dodge ball at your giant Jew beak? Remember when you collapsed to the gym floor? Remember when Ox and Slater stood over you laughing and calling you a “pipsqueak” and a “twerp?” Remember how embarrassed you were when you saw Lisa laughing at you? Remember when Slater and the rest of the football team started chucking dodge balls at you without mercy? Remember when you developed massive bruises and welts later in the day? Remember when you got up and told yourself that you were gonna really apply yourself in gym class and beat the jocks at a game of dodge ball? Remember when you went to Coach Rizzo, crying, and told him you wanted to buff up for gym? Remember when he said, “it’s okay Rim Goblin (your favorite of his pet names for you,) Belding and I will help you get in shape!”? Remember when Rizzo told you to meet him in the weight room after school? Remember when you showed up in the weight room wearing super faggy 80’s spandex aerobics clothes? Remember when Belding and Rizzo showed up and instantly started to laugh at your barely visible package? Remember when they told you to hit the weights? Remember when you lightly punched the weights and made a crack about “hitting” the weights? Remember how un-amused they were by your shitty joke? Remember when you grabbed some dumbbells and started wildly swinging them around, thinking you’re a tough guy, and just generally acting like a total queer? Remember how this enraged Belding and Rizzo? Remember when Belding grabbed you, sat on your head, and pinned you down? Remember when Rizzo tore off your stupid outfit? Remember when Rizzo grabbed an EZ bar and shoved it up your ass and fucked you with it until your colon gave out and you shit yourself? Remember the way your screams were muffled by Belding’s massive ass? Remember when Belding laughed so hard at Rizzo’s EZ bar shenanigans that he let loose a nasty wet fart? Remember when you started to lap up Belding’s shit and popped a huge boner? Remember how this enraged Rizzo and Belding? Remember when they grabbed a couple of dumbbells cracked you in the face with them? Remember when they shattered your teeth? Remember when Belding whipped out his massive principal cock and fucked your torn asshole while Rizzo strangled you with exercise machine cables? Remember when they both took turns cumming in your ass and strangling you while laughing like crazed baboons? Remember when they whistled and the football team came out of the locker room and had their way with you? Remember when fisted you and farted on your face? Remember when they took turns giving you HIV from their violent and unprotected butt sex? Remember when they pissed all over you and started to kick you in the head? Remember when you blacked out and woke up in the gym covered in HIV+ sperm, piss, and feces? Remember when you heard a lot of cheering and realized that Bayside was holding a pep rally in the gym when you came to? Remember how offended you were when you realized that it was an anti-demented Jewish faggot rally that Belding led? Remember when the entire student body walked passed your limp body and spit on you? Remember when the students left and Belding fucked you silly again, still not giving you any pleasure because you don’t deserve it? Remember when he bellowed like a hippopotamus and came in your ass, giving you super AIDS? Boy you sure learned a lot about fitness that day!!

Diamond Meets the Little People
rocco - September 7, 2010 03:46 PM (GMT)

Diamond, remember when you were recently hired by a little persons convention to do your stupid comedy act? Remember how the event was held outdoors in a park? Remember how the food was a catered BBQ and without asking you just helped yourself? Remember how annoyed all the little people got that you didn't bother to ask before loading up your plate like a pig? Remember how because that was the first meal you had had in weeks that you didn't eat from a homeless mans ass you ate like a complete animal? Remember how disgusted all the midgets were? Remember how you angered them even more when you did your comedy act? Remember how no one laughed which was nothing new for you? Remember how to really cater to the event you peppered your act with lame jokes and continually used the word "midget" even though they despise that term? Remember when your show was over no one clapped? Remember how as soon as you got off the stage you immediately headed to a little woody area to take a piss because you had drank 10 glasses of lemonade and you were scared of being raped in the portta potty? Remember how you didn't notice a midget was standing right at the foot of the woods? Remember how because you're so fat your belly blocks your view and you are unable to see your tiny dick or anything directly below you? Remember how you unzipped your Zubaz? Remember when you pulled out your tiny Zoinker and just started pissing, your fat belly blocking your view? Remember how un-beknownst to you you were pissing directly into the face of a midget? Remember how relieved you were to have voided your bladder and turned around, bent over, and ripped ass, releasing a disgusting fart right in the midgets face knocking him over. Remember when you zipped back up your Zubaz and headed back up to the party? Remember how all the midgets had seen what had happened? Remember how the midget you had pissed and farted on ran up behind you and tackled you? Remember how the rest of the midgets charged you screaming? Remember how you yelled "Zoinks" and began releasing farts in an attempt to repel them? Remember how you had developed this "skunk defense" over the years due to the daily beatings and rapes you suffered? Remember when the midgets were unaffected by your farts and ripped off your Zubaz and began violating you anally? Remember when they began spit-roasting you and you felt hundreds of hands beating and pummeling you? Remember how surprised you were that even though they were small in stature many of them had enormous cocks? Remember how you wound up coated in an enormous amount of jizz? Remember how they considered this payment for your show? Remember when you caught a new STD that had previously only occured in dwarfs? You sure fucked up that time Dman!!


Diamond learns about Chap Stick
Dner - August 26 2010, 02:37 PM

Hey Diamond, remember when your lips were chapped and red? Remember how painful it was to suck off homeless men, because it'd cause your lips to crack? Remember when you were sitting in Tuttle's drivers ed. class licking your lips? Remember how childlike and loudly you were licking your lips? Remember how mad everybody was getting at you for being an annoying little twit? Remember when Slater slapped you upside the head and screamed, "hey mang, if you lick your lips one more time, I'm gonna make you lick my SHIT lips!!" Remember when you laughed childishly at Slater's "shit lips" crack? Remember when Tuttle said that you'd better do what you're told because he was getting very annoyed? Remember you made a crack about Tuttle's pit stains and when back to licking your lips? Remember when Slater said, "alright faggot, I've got some lips for you to lick!" Remember when he ripped off his double belted acid washed jeans? Remember when he grabbed your jewfro and shoved your face into his ass and forced you to lick his asscheeks while he rattled off nasty taco farts? Remember when Tuttle screamed at you for being a deviant queer and marched you into Belding's office for your faggotry? Remember when Belding said, "alright Samuel, what's the problem??" Remember when you said, "ZOINKS, my lips are dry and cracked and everybody is getting mad at me for licking them! ZOINKS!" Remember when Belding said he had some Crap Stick for you? Remember how you thought he said Chap Stick wrong because he was usually high on crack in the afternoon? Remember when you said, "sure Mr. B, I need some Chap Stick!" Remember when Belding threw a wink at Tuttle? Remember when Tuttle got you into a full nelson and wrestled you to the floor? Remember when Belding pulled down his Dockers and squatted over your face? Remember when you saw his anus dilate and a turd poked half way out of his rancid deficator? Remember how the stench made you throw up and get an erection at the same time? Remember when Belding scribbled all over your face with his disease ridden turd marker? Remember when you got Hepatitis from the open soars on your lips? Remember when Tuttle got so worked up he ripped his 46 inch dress pants off got to work furiously masturbating? Remember when Belding farted the rest of the turd out along with a liter of diarrhea onto your face? Remember when you started to crawl away and Belding bust you upside the head with his Principal of the Year award? Remember when Belding jammed his massive principal cock into your ass and started to fuck you wildly? Remember when Tuttle blew his load in your face and started to piss all over your head? Remember how you screamed in terror because of this vicious assault? Remember when Belding blew his HIV+ load into your ass, instantly giving you super AIDS? Remember when Belding pissed all over you and gave you another shit spray? Remember when they laughed, high fived, and went to the boys locker room to clean up? Remember when Mylo the Janitor walked into Belding's office to sell some crack to Belding, only to find you there on the floor? Remember how relieved your were to see Mylo? Remember when your relieve turned to horror when Mylo said, "mmmMMM, a Jew for a Jiggaboo!" Remember when Mylo had his way with you whilst calling you his prison bitch? Remember when he came into your body and gave you all sorts of prison diseases like TB? Remember when he shoved his mop handle up your ass and used your jewfro to mop up all the shit, piss, and cum off Belding's floor? Remember when he teabagged you and left your for dead? You sure learned what happens to annoying little shits like yourself!

Diamond Meets the Duke Boys
rocco - May 22, 2010 01:15 AM (GMT)

Diamond, remember during the New Class when Mr. B got very depressed that his lover was a hooknosed, cocksucking, Zubaz wearing, assclown? Remember how he thought back to his days when he was a good looking ,thin man, who had once had a foursome with Bo and Luke Duke along with Uncle Jessie? Remember how he put in a call to Uncle Jessie? Remember how you were shooting a scene and as usual you acted like a total faggot and fell over while trying to skate on some wheelie shoes you had invented? Remember when all of a sudden you heard the general lee's horn and you saw the shadow of the General Lee overhead? Remember how the General came out of nowhere with a monster jump and landed directly on top of you breaking nearly every bone in your body? Remember how Uncle Jessie and Bo and Luke slid out the windows of the General Lee and Mr. B ran over and immediately began sucking off Uncle Jessie? Remember how you moaned with the hopes someone would help you? Remember how Bo and Luke began taking turns buttslamming Mr. B who began grunting with pleasure? Remember how you were forced to watch this and how upset you got as Mr. B had never given you pleasure in any way and now the Duke boys jump their car out of nowhere, land on your body, then immediately began doing things to Mr. B that you had never been able to do? Remember how Uncle Jessie jizzed all over Mr. B's face? Remember when Bo and Luke jizzed all over Mr. B's bald head? Remember how Mr. B smiled and you could see he was in total ecstasy? Remember how the Dukes all piled back into the General Lee and when they left they gunned the General causing a massive burnout that ripped all of the skin off your back? Remember how you heard the Generals horn beep as they drove away? Remember how the Big Bopper with a huge smile came over and jerked off all over your crumpled and mangled body, then went to the Max to get a burger? You sure got screwed over that time Dman!

"Screech Learns About Authority" Episode Recap
arbys_shitpipe - April 30, 2010 06:26 AM (GMT)

Hey Screech,
Remember the episode where you inexplicably found yourself in Belding's office? Remember how he was smoking a pipe and wearing a silk bathrobe? Remember how he asked you to come sit on his lap? Remember how you reluctantly complied? Remember how he eased you onto his lap, ass to cock first, whispering in your ear "Screech, are you comfortable?". Remember how you nodded silently in agreement? Remember how he whispered to you again, saying "Screech, from now on I'd like you to know I'm only going to have consensual sex with you"? Remember how Tuttle then walked into the room shirtless, wearing only his signature Dockers khakis and business shoes? Remember how he stood before you, unusually calm, ready to unzip his pants and said "Screech, from now on I'm only going to jerk off on you after asking first, may I?" Remember how you said "yes, please do". Remember how you then felt his warm semen dripping down on to your crotch? Remember how just as you were thinking to yourself "this is the best day of my entire life", you woke up, finding yourself alone in bed with fresh semen sticking your zubaz pajamas to your tiny genitals? Remember how, even though it was a dream, you decided you would nonetheless ask Belding if you could have consensual sex that day? Remember how you walked into his office and said "Mr. Belding, I-i-i'd like to ask you something?". Remember how he looked at you smiling, and responded "sure, what is it Screech?" Remember how you shuffled your feet on the ground, looked at the floor and said "I-i-i-i was wondering if we could... you know... maybe... have consensual sex once in a while"? Remember how you heard him say "Of, course we can Screech"? Remember how you looked up, in disbelief, only to see him smile and say "come sit in my lap"? Remember your feeling of elation, as the situation was panning out just like in your dream? Remember how you went and comfortably mounted yourself on his lap? Remember how confused you were when the expression on his face suddenly changed to an angry one? Remember how he clenched his jaw and said "Screech there seems to be a little confusion about who the boss is around here" in your ear through his teeth? Remember how he pulled open his desk drawer with his leg? Remember how he flipped you into the drawer head first and then stomped it shut so hard that he fell over in his chair? Remember when he got up and picked you up out of the drawer, throwing you to the ground flustered with anger? Remember how he then pulled a .45 beretta out of the drawer? Remember how he yelled "get up Screech, the PRINCIPAL SAYS GET UP!!!". Remember how he then proceeded to rip off your zubaz and fuck you in the ass while he rammed the gun in your mouth? Remember how he started asking you "who's the boss around here?" Remember how you tried to say "you are", but couldn't because you were choking on the gun barrel? Remember how as he started to climax he pulled the gun out of your mouth he yelled "the Bayside County Sheriff THE BOSS OF THIS TOWN!!!!!" while he shot off rounds in random directions? Remember how Tuttle came running out from behind the bookshelf? Remember how Tuttle wasn't running towards you this time, but away from you as he ejaculated all over himself while scrambling to find better shelter from the indiscriminate gunfire? Remember how Belding then wiped the sweat off his brow and yelled "WOO!" You sure learned a lot about authority that day!

"Belding's Butter"
Dner - April 15, 2010 01:02 AM (GMT)

Hey Screech, remember when you were in the cafeteria eating your lunch by yourself? Remember when Belding approached you and asked if you wanted to sample his new line of dairy products? Remember when you jumped and said, “Zoinks! Sure thing Beldo!” Remember when he said the first product he wants you to sample is his Belding Butter? Remember when you poked Belding in the gut and said “I don’t have any dinner rolls to put it on, maybe I could use one of yours!” Remember when Belding grit his teeth and didn’t say anything about the fat joke, but you could see that he was angry? Remember when he lead you into the kitchen? Remember when you saw the school’s wrestling team and a bunch of mangy bums cumming into a butter churn that Tuttle was busy churning? Remember when Belding grabbed you and pushed your head into the half solidified jizz? Remember when he started to violently rape you against your will while the wrestling team cheered him on? Remember when your body was about to go limp Belding pulled you out of the Belding Butter? Remember when Tuttle started to furiously masturbate into your gaping mouth? Remember when Tuttle and Belding beat you with kitchen utensils and left your for dead? Remember when only a week later Belding saw you in the cafeteria eating and asked you if you wanted to sample his newest dairy product? Remember when you asked him if it was his Belding Butter? Remember when he laughed and said, “heavens no! It’s my new line of chocolate ice cream!” Remember when Belding winked at Slater across the room? Remember when he ran over to you and kicked you in the gut? Remember when Belding and Slater held you down? Remember when Mylo came into the room and took a big meaty twisting shit into your mouth? Remember when Slater announced he was gonna give you some chocolate syrup and took a diarrhea shit all over your face? Remember when Belding said he was gonna give you some nuts for your sundae and then gave you the tea bagging of your life? Remember when Tuttle came screaming into the room masturbating? Remember when he gave you a wicked elbow drop? Remember when the gang laughed and high fived each other and left you for dead? Boy you sure are a damned fool!

Diamond Learns About Healthcare Reform
rocco - March 19, 2010 03:32 AM (GMT)

Diamond, please confirm that earlier this week our horrible President Barack Obama and his side-kick Joe Biden stopped by your Port Washington home to try and garner your support for their unconstitutional push for what they have termed Healthcare Reform. Alas, the fact that Obama sought your support shows his lack of any common sense, yet he sought you out anyway. Is it true when he entered your ramshackle abode he found you nude, looking at your Bayside yearbook while jerking off to a picture of Slater in his wrestling singlet? Is it true Obama ignored this spectacle and began talking about Healthcare and how he would crush the evil insurance companies and provide health insurance for those who didn't want to work like yourself? Is it true you yelled "Zoinks!!! You mean if I don't work I get healthcare and Kurt Steinberg and Rocco will pay for it?" Remember how Obama said yes and you yelled "Zoinks" with delight and then squirted canned cheese into your fat face? Remember how Obama asked for your support and you told him he had it but that you were to lazy to leave your house so you really wouldn't do anything? Remember how this enraged Obama and he farted in your face then pulled off his pants and began spitroasting you with Joe Biden? Remember how Biden had a limp dick the entire time but he kept jamming it in your face anyway? Remember how Obama blew his load all over your body and you really didn't notice as you were still looking at your Bayside yearbook? Remember when Obama said he thought you were smart and funny and that he had enjoyed buttslamming you and farting on your hooknose? Remember when he left your house and you turned on vh1's Dr. Drews Sober House? Remember how you didn't even think twice about the president dropping by to talk shop and ass fuck you? You sure learned a few things that day Dman!


Diamond Goes to Burger King
rocco - March 14, 2010 01:17 AM (GMT)

Diamond, is it true that yesterday you found a five dollar bill on the street? Is it true you immediately headed to Burger King? Is it true that at the counter you asked for a whopper and gave the cashier the money? Is it true the obese black girl running the cash register took your money and shoved it down into her enormous waistband then said ok, one plopper, that's 5 bucks, hold on for your food? Remember how becuae you are a broke loser you hadn't eaten for three days and didn't even notice she had said plopper instead of Whopper? Remember when you saw her go back in the kitchen area, get a Whopper roll, then stick it into the back of her pants and began grunting? Remember when she then pulled it from her pants and wrapped it up in a Whopper wrapper? Remember how she threw it on a tray and gave it to you and said, there you go, enjoy. Remember how the stench of the plopper hit your giant hook nose immediately and you unwrapped it while still at the counter? Remember when you saw the sandwhich was just a whopper roll that she had taken a nasty, runny, shit on? Remember when you complained and she told you you got exactly what you had ordered, a Plopper? Remember when you asked to speak to the manager and Mr. Dewey came out from a tiny office and asked what the problem was? Remember when Laquisha who was the cashier said you were being an asshole? Remember when Mr. Dewey saw it was you and asked what your fucking problem was? Remember how you explained you had ordered a tasty Whopper but instead she shit on a roll and gave it to you? Remember how Laquisha interjected that you had not ordered a Whopper but had made a special order for a Plopper which she had made for you? Remember when Mr. Dewey said that because you had placed a special order for the Plopper it was not returnable and you needed to take your hooknosed Jew faggot ass out of his store? Remember when you complained and the customers behind you began getting irate? Remember when Harvey from Fit Club burst to the front of the line and told you to move your fat ass and eat your fucking shitburger? Remember when he punched you in the face and ripped off your Zubaz? Remember when Harvey whipped out an enormous schlong and shoved it up your ass? Remember when Mr. Dewey leaped over te counter and began throat fucking you while slamming your head against the ground? Remember how everyone in the line began pissing on you then began jerking off? Remember when Harvey and Mr. Dewey came all over you as did the rest of the crowd that had gathered? Remember when Harvey picked you up and tossed you into the Burger King dumpster along with your Plopper sandwhich? Remember how you laid there covered with semen, piss, and shit? Remember how you were so hungry you ate the Plopper and actually decided it tasted pretty good? You are one fucked up loser Dman!


Diamond Meets Luke Perry
rocco - March 10, 2010 01:57 AM (GMT)

Double Dog, is it true that after filming SBTB one day you ran into Slater who was hanging out with Dylan from Beverly Hills 90210? Is it true you were excited and ripped a loud, wet, fart that stained the back of your Zubaz? Remember how as soon as Dylan aka Luke Perry got a whiff of your scent he was enraged? Remember when he said you ripping ass in his presence was "way uncool"? Remember how Slater agreed and came over and headbutted you? Remember when Luke Perry karate chopped you and then dropped his pants and forced you to suck his cock? Remember when you noticed Luke's pubic hair was mostly grey because although he played a teenager he was actually like 50? Remember how as you sucked his cock Slater ripped off your Zubaz and began thrusting his manchilada in and out of your asshole? Remember when they both came all over you? Remember how Slater and Luke high fived and Slater bent over and fired a shit tsunami all over you? Remember how they both laughed, pulled up their pants and headed to the Peach Pit to get milkshakes and have sex with Nat? You sure were uncool that time Dman!


Diamond Tries to Win Back Mr. B
rocco - November 30, 2009 08:52 PM (GMT)

Remember that time that the Big Bopper had left you for Webster? Remember to win his heart back you climbed on the hood of his Yugo and turned your boombox on to play Whitesnakes, "Here I go Again"? Remember how you wiggled around pretending you were Tawny Kitaen? Remember how mad the Big Bopper got when he saw you doing this as you had put a scratch in the hood of his Yugo? Remember how he punched you in the face breaking your nose? Remember how he and Webster spitroast you while Slater dropped ass in your face? Remember while all this was going on "Here I go Again" continued to play on a loop in the background? Remember how Mr. B pimped you out and made you give him all the money so he could fix the scratch? You sure were a giant faggot in that epsiode!


A SBTB Thanksgiving
rocco - November 28, 2009 02:43 AM (GMT)

Diamond, remember that Thanksgiving when you headed over to Mr. Beldings for Thanksgiving? Remember how the year before he had served you Hound Dog? Remember how happy you were that he couldn't serve you Hound Dog again? Remember when everyone sat around the table and Mr. B brought out the turkey on a silver platter? Remember how hungry you were? Remember how less hungry you were when Mr. B removed the platters lid? Remember when he removed it you saw he had cooked Beck the Duck? Remember how he hadn't removed the oil or feathers and it she was just a burnt up mess? Remember how you screamed and Slater jumped up, dripped his pants, and fired a shit tsunami at you? Remember how Mr. B was furious you had ruined his dinner and shoved Becky up your ass? Remember how she came back to life and began bitin the ass out of you while Slater and Mr. B had a swordfight in your mouth? Remember after blwoing their loads in your mouth Mr. B fired you out of his house into the front yard? You sure ruined Thanksgiving that time!


Diamond Gets A Reach Around
rocco - August 21, 2009 03:30 AM (GMT)

Remember when Mr. B was buttslammming you and he reached for his crack pipe and inadvertently bumped his hand against your baby cock? Remember how happy you got because you thought your idol and lover had finally given you a reach around? Remember how you basked in glory as Mr. B smoked crack then finished buttslammng you and pulled out and blew his load in your Jew fro. Remember how you couldn't wait to tell someone about how your lover had given you a reach around? Remember how later on that night you sat in your room while wearing your queerest Zubaz pajamas and decided you would tell your mother you were gay and in love with Mr. B? Remember when you went to her room and opened the door? Remember when you saw that Mr. B was ass fucking Mrs. Powers and they both were smoking crack? Remember how you told your mother she had better back off because Mr. B was your man? Remember how your mother told you to get the fuck out of her room and called you a hooknosed faggot? Remember how Mr. B was infuriated and told you that he wasn't gay and that he was sick of your faggot filled delusional love for him? Remember when you started to cry and your mother got all hot and bothered? Remember when Mr. B came over and started to strangle you while your mother put on a strap on dildo? Remember when Mr. B bodyslammed you to the floor and ripped off your Zubaz?Remember when your mother told you since you were a faggot that liked getting assreamed she was going to teach you a lesson? Remember when she began buttslamming you with her strap on while Mr. B buttfucked her? Remember how humiliated you were as they smoked crack and screamed names like, cocksucker, zubaz wearing faggot, and hooknosed Jew bastard? Remember when Mr. B finished assslamming Mrs. Powers and blew his load in your eye then farted in your face? Remember when Mrs. Powers pulled the strap on out of your ass then shoved it in your mouth? Remember how Kevin the Robot filmed the whole thing and sold it to Nerdstrom who sold copies of it to everyone at Bayside? You sure learned about reach arounds that time!


Diamond Learns About Indians
rocco - August 12, 2009 08:41 PM (GMT)


Remember when you dressed up as an Indian in the hopes that no one would recognize you and thus rape you? Remember how you came to school with a headdress on and war paint on your face? Remember how you were immediately recognized by Slater and Zack? Remember how mad Zack was because he had Indian blood in him, and had given a speech about Indians? Remember how angry he was that you were desecrating Indians by dressing as one of them when all you had in you was feces, jizz, and jew blood? Remember when Slater started dancing around you doing Indian yells? Remember when Zack gave you an elbow to your head causing you to fall over backwards? Remember when he then dropped a big leg, Hulk Hogan style onto your bird chest and cracked two ribs? Remember when you began to scream out and Mr. B came out of his office to see what all the commotion was? Remember when he saw you laying on the ground, dressed as an Indian, while moaning in pain? Remember when Mr. B got mad at you for dressing like an Indian? Remember he got mad not because he was part Indian, but because he liked Indians and thought you were a cocksucking loser? Remember when he said it was time to teach you about Indians, especially their smoke signals? Remember how happy this made you as you were certain Mr. B understood that you liked Indians and that he would teach you how to send smoke signals to him the next time someone attacked and raped you? Remember how this dream quickly went south as Mr. B poured some lighter fluid on your jew fro and set you ablaze? Remember when he ripped of your Zubaz and began buttslamming you while yanking the headress causing your flaming and smoking jewfro to send puffs of smoke into the air? Remember how Belding said he had just sent the Indian smoke signal for someone to take a dump on you? Remember how Slater complied by dropping his acid washed jeans and releasing a nice dump on your face? Remember how Mr. B yanked the headdress again and said he had just sent the signal for someone to spitroast you? Remember when Zack's dad appeared out of nowhere and stuck his cock in your mouth and began throat fucking you? Remember how you were amazed that he while he did this he sold 250 computers while talking on his enormous cell phone? Remember when after completing the sale he began high fiving Mr. B? Remember when your burning jew-fro and head dress burnt his arm and he got mad? Remember when he stood up and he and Mr. B blew their loads on your sizzling jew fro to put out the fire? Remember how you collapsed in a heap and Maxwell Nerdstrom and Ollie Creaky came over and farted on you? Remember how Mr. B said school was cancelled for the day and took everyone to an amusement park to celebrate? Remember how you were to burnt up to go? You sure learned about Indians that time!


Diamond Meets a Nazi
rocco - August 11, 2009 05:29 PM (GMT)


Remember when Belding asked you if you wanted to play Nazi? Remember how you said yes because you are stupid? Remember when Mr. B gave you some rags to wear, shaved off your jewfro, and made you live in Hound Dog's doghouse that he had surrounded with barbed wire and a guard tower? Remember how Nerdstrom and Slater manned the tower and would piss and shit on you from it? Remember how Mr. B would come by and they would salute him? Remember when he demanded you turn over your "jew gold"? Remember how you said "Zoinks" and told him you had no idea what he was talking about? Remember when he said you probably had hidden your jew gold in your anus and he was going to search for it? Remember when he ripped off your filthy Zubaz rags and buttslammed you while giving Nazi salutes and yelling "Seig Heil"? Remember how mad he was that no jew gold was found in your ass and blew his load all over your face? Remember while this was going on Slater shit on you from the guard tower and Nerdstrom pissed on you? Remember how you began to cry and all of a sudden Mrs. Powers and Zack rode past you on a tandem bike? Remember how Mrs. Powers jumped off the bike, lit up her crack pipe and began fingering herself? Remember when Slater jumped down from his guard post and began fucking her in the ass while yelling shit about "Der Fuher"? Remember when everyone abandoned you as Mr. B said he was sick of playing "Nazi" and they all went to the Max for milkshakes? Remember how they left you there for two weeks and you almost died? That was one crazy episode!


Mr. B and Slater Come Over for a Visit
rocco - February 26, 2009 04:30 PM (GMT)

Remember when Belding and Slater showed up at your house to tag team Mrs. Powers? Remember how mad they got when you told them she wasn't home and that she was out with Jamoca who was her crack dealer? Remember how that infuriated the Big Bopper and he pulled a stun gun out of his pocket and stunned you with it? Remember how Slater bitched that he was looking forward to some of your Mom's ass and to make up for it he and Mr. B made you wear a wig and pretend you were your mother? Remember how they would only refer to you as "Mrs. Powers" while they tag teamed your ass? Remember how fucked up you found it when Slater exclaimed "Mrs. Powers you have such a nice tight ass, unlike your hooknosed cocksucker of a son". Remember how that upset you and you began to snivel and Mr. B punched you in the back of the head and said "quit whining Mrs. Powers or Slater will turn you out to his cousins!" Remember how they finally blew their loads all over you, then Slater took a wicked crap on your head? Remember Slater saying "See ya later Mrs. P". Remember how you responded with a pathetic high pitched "Ok Slatey" mimicking your mother? Your mom sure fucked you over that time fuckface!


Diamond Gets a Christmas Tree
rocco - December 1, 2008 12:32 AM (GMT)

Remember a few day after Thanksgiving back in 1998 when you kept whining to Mrs. Powers about getting a Christmas tree? Remember how your constant "Zoinks" and whining infuriated her? Remember how she made a phone call and said that she had phoned someone and they were bringing over the goddamn tree? Remember how happy that made you and you pranced around the house singing like a fag and "zoinksing" over and over again? Remember how the doorbell rang and you ran to the door and opened it? Remember how you saw the Chief at the door and he immediately punched you in the face, headed into the living room, dropped his pants, and released a large foul smelling shit on the carpet? Remember how he said, "there is your fucking Christmas tree you beak nosed faggot"! Remember how he then scooped up Mrs. Powers and carried her into the bedroom where he left the door open so you could fully hear Mrs. Powers screams while he anally violated her? You sure learned about Christmas trees that day!


Diamond Goes to the Bathroom
rocco - November 13, 2008 10:02 PM (GMT)

Remember that one occasion when you were in the Bayside bathroom taking a shit and Mr. B came in? Remember when Mr. B sat down and immediately began letting loose enormous farts, and stinking up the entire bathroom? Remember how you began to gag a bit as the smell hit you in the face and Mr. B just kept grunting and farting as hard as he could? Remember when you released one tiny squeaker of a fart as you dropped your cum filled shit into the toilet? Remember when a moment later Mr. B kicked down the door of your stall and began screaming at you for ruining his "quiet time" with your unnecessary fart? Remember when Mr. B bent over and released a torrent of shit on you, while also releasing some more of his heinous gas? Remember how this coated you in a filthy shit resin? Remember when Mr. B wiped his ass on your jew fro, then kicked you so you fell into the toilet? Remember when Mr. B began flushing the toilet and crossed his fingers hoping that you would be flushed away? Remember how much fun it was when he left you stuck in the toilet, your ass in the bowl, and your legs dangling over the edge? Mr. B sure taught you not to ruin his "quiet time"!


Hound Dog Teaches Diamond a Lesson
rocco - October 19, 2008 04:30 AM (GMT)

Remember the episode when you for the 10th time in a week forgot to flush the toilet after taking a shit? Remember when Mrs. Powers stomped into your room and fired the watery turd she had picked out of the toilet at your face? Remember how you began to cry as the shit streaked down your face, and you told your mother Hound Dog had left that shit in the toilet? Remember how your mother didn't believe you for a second and called you a hooknosed lying bag of shit? Remember how she came over and farted in your face, then dropped her pants and made you lick her asshole which tasted strangely like Mr. B's cock? Remember how she stomped back out of the room and you thought all the hub bub was over? Remember how you didn't realize that Hound Dog was laying on the floor and had heard you try to blame him for forgetting to flush the toilet? Remember how that night while you slept hound dog forced open the back door and let in 10 other dogs? Remember how they woke you up by all of them taking shits on you and pissing on your jew fro? Remember how a German Shepard and a Poodle ripped off your Zubaz pajamas? Remember when a Shitzu and a Great Dane started fucking you in the ass while Hound Dog forced you to suck his doggie cock? Remember when you heard a loud crash and your closet doors collapsed? Remember when you saw Mr. Tuttle with his pants around his ankles jerking off vigorously as he enjoyed watching the dogs rape you? Remember how he had landed on your Faggot of the Year award which Mr. B had given you? Remember how the award was just a rusty railroad spike that Mr. B had written "Faggot" on? Remember how the spike impaled Mr. Tuttles spine, and caused a huge loss of blood? Remember how this did not stop Mr. Tuttle from completing his act and firing his seed at your face? Remember how at this moment all the dogs also jizzed all over you then farted in your face one by one as they left? Remember how you laid there in your room with dog shit and piss all over the place, and a dead Mr. Tuttle laying on the floor? Remember how much trouble you got in when Mrs. Powers found THAT mess the next morning? You sure learned not to fuck with Hound Dog that time!!!


Tuttle on the loose
Buckins - August 10, 2008 08:54 PM (GMT)

Hey Scritch, remember the episode where Zack and Slater found a stale Danish pastry that had been dropped on the corridor floor at Bayside? Remember how it had been stood on several times? Remember how they spiked it with two bottles of Jessie's caffeine pills and left it in Mr Tuttle's science classroom? Remember how the Tuttler came in and gobbled the Danish down in two bites? Remember how a minute later he started jiggling horribly? Remember when he started tearing around the corridors shouting "WAH-ZOO!" and "PUSHY-PUSHY, MOVE YOUR TUSHY" at the top of his lungs? Remember when he leap-frogged several students, causing them severe spinal injuries? Remember when he kicked Mr Belding's office door off its hinges and ate little baby Zack Belding? Remember how much this pissed off Belding, because he had been flaunting his infant son in order to ward off suspicions over the "confiscated" gay ethnic porn he kept in his office? Remember how Zack and Slater told Belding that you had slipped Tuttle the pills as part of a weird science experiment? Remember when Belding bellowed over the intercom for 'that faggot Screech Powers' to come to his office immediately? Remember when he ordered you to capture and restrain Mr Tuttle? Remember when you asked how a pasty shrimp like you was supposed to capture a hyperactive morbidly obese man? Remember when he replied "That's your problem, vulture conk!", kicked you in the nuts and then threw you bodily out of his office? Remember how you donned a queer Steve Irwin-esque getup and proclaimed yourself 'the Tuttle-Hunter'? Remember when your search led to a number of shennanigans including getting pissed on by the entire football team and accidentally giving Mr Dewey a handjob in the math room supply closet? Remember when you finally found Tuttle taking a shit in the gym hall? Remember when you snuck up on him with a volleyball net and tried to capture him in it? Remember how his girth made this impossible? Remember when he started snarling and grabbed you by your jewfro, chomped down on the end of your nose and bit it off? Remember when he escaped, leaving you bleeding and screaming? Remember when Coach Sonski painfully soldered the end of your nose back on in Shop Class? Remember how you were rethinking your search plan when Belding dragged you into the cafeteria? Remember when Tuttle was lying on the floor unconscious, having suffered a cardiac arrest because of the caffeine overdose? Remember when you said "Zoinks Mr B, we gotta call an ambulance!"? Remember when Belding said "No need little buddy, we can fix this little problem ourselves in a jiffy!" Remember how as he was saying this, Slater had snuck up behind you with a chair? Remember when he cracked you over the head with it, knocking you to the floor? Remember when he promptly smothered your ensuing sobs with a thick blanket of Taco Bell diarrhea? Remember when Belding tore off your canvas shorts, yanked your legs into a splits position and started drilling into your asshole? Remember when you screamed in agony, and Slater kicked you in the gut? Remember how Tuttle's unconscious body started to twitch? Remember when, just as Belding was climaxing, Tuttle sat up, fully awake, your incredibly erotic abuse having revived him? Remember when Slater yanked your head back, and Tuttle shot a rope-thick load right into your bawling mouth? Remember when everyone but you high-fived at a job well done? Remember when Belding said he would take everyone to the Max for milkshakes to celebrate? Remember when the gang piled into his shitty car? Remember how just as you were about to squeeze in, Zack shouted "Sorry Screech, no pubehead faggots allowed" and slammed the car door, trapping your nose in it? Remember how Belding started accelerating down the road, dragging you along, until the end of your massive schnozz tore off again, leaving you a crumpled heap on the kerb? Remember when you rolled onto your back and murmured that at least you could enjoy the beautiful Californian sunset? Remember when Becky the Duck swooped out of nowhere and took a huge, sticky shit right in your eyes, blinding you?Boy, you sure learned what a fucking loser you are that time!!!

Remember when slater all of a sudden became proud to be mexican?
trust the dust - March 20, 2008 01:41 PM (GMT)

Yo screech, remember that time in that episode of saved by the bell: the college years when slater became proud to be mexican? remember how everyone took it seriously? remember how everyone was careful with what they said as to not offend him? remember when you thought you'd be just "one of the guys" and asked slater where your nachos bel grande was? remember when slater said "hey man, thats not funny" and got in your face? remember how you had that shitstain smile on your face and said "oh ho ho speedy gonzales is getting angry!" remember how everyone just kind of scoffed and had a disgusting look on their faces? remember when zack called you an "insensitive cocksucking faggot" and balled up his fist to punch you square in your hooked gonzo nose? remember when slater told zack to back off and said "I'll handle this preppie"- remember when he emphisized "handle this?" remember how he kind of grinned and licked his lips? remember how puzzled you were but you were still unaware of the fact that everyone was fed up with your shitty puns based on stereotypes? remember how lisa called you a tiny dicked faggot and pushed you into slater? remember how you bounced off his pecs and fell to the ground crying and convulsing like an infantile retard? remember how slater picked you up by your jew fro and slammed you into the refridgerator? remember how he said "hope you like the special screech, cause it comes with extra sour cream!" and blew a load in your face that was so powerful it lacerated your skin and caused your facial bones to collapse? remember how everyone pointed and laughed at you? remember how compared to alot of the other violent gangbangs you've been through, this one was reletively tame? remember how the big bopper burst through the door with his signiture phrase; "HEY HEY HEY JUST WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?" remember how everyone was wondering what the fuck belding was doing at their college? remember how he came over to console you? remember how he said "someone call an ambulence!" remember how happy you were to find your hero, gerald belding helping you? remember when the ambulance got there and you were beind wheeled out on the stretcher by belding himself? remember how odd you thought this was? remember as he was coming out of the building he said "WOOPS!" and pushed you out into the street into on coming traffic? remember how you got hit by a 1992 ford fiesta and toppled over the roof of the car, smashing your stupid face into the scalding pavement? remember how you screamed the pavement was burning your skin and everyone just laughed at you? remember how zack came over and kicked you in the head causing you to black out? remember that screech? You sure learned not to fuck with someones ethnicity that day!

Screech Meets his Grandparents
rocco - Feb 2 2008, 05:12 AM

Remember when Mrs. Powers told you that your grandparents were coming over for a visit? Remember how excited you got because even though you were 16 years old you had never met them? Remember when the doorbell rang and you ran to the door to finally meet your grandparents? Remember when you answered the door your "grandfather" was Mr. B dressed in a gray wig and your "grandmother" was AC Slater who hadn't done anything to disguise himself? Remember how Mrs. Powers invited them in and you attempted to protest how it was only Mr. Belding and AC Slater? Remember how your mother yelled at you that you were insulting her parents? Remember how you complained and asked why your grandmother was Mexican and had a mullet and was wearing acid washed jeans? Remember how your mother screamed at you "shut the fuck up you hooknosed bastard." Remember how your "grandmother" pulled a switchblade out of her pocket and opened it and aimed it menacingly at you? Remember how at this time your "grandfather" whipped out his cock and began stroking it? Remember how your "grandmother" did the same? Remember how all of a sudden Mrs. Powers and your "grandparents" all got up and left the room? Remember how you could hear shrieks and grunts coming from the bedroom? Remember how you went and looked in to see what was happening? Remember how you saw your "grandparents" both fucking Mrs. Powers in the ass while she screamed in ecstasy? Remember how you ran crying to your room because your dream of meeting your grandparents had turned into a nightmare? Remember when you cried yourself to sleep but were awoken by your grandparents attacking you? Remember how your "grandmother" sprayed you down with a diarreah spray, while your "grandfather" told you he owed you many birthday gifts and tore off your zubaz pajamas? Remember how fucked up you realized your life was when your "grandparents" began spit-roasting you and your "grandfather" demanded you suck his huge cock? Remember how they left you on the floor of your bedroom bleeding and soaked in cum and urine? Remember when the last thing you remembered was your grandmother farting in your face, and that it smelled a lot like burritos? Mr. B and Slater really got you good that time shithead!


Posted: Sep 13 2006, 06:42 AM

That reminded me of the zoo trip episode. Screech, remember the episode where you went on a field-trip to the zoo with Belding, Zack and Slater? Remember how Belding decided it would be funny to throw you into the gorilla enclosure? Remember how the gorillas eyed you up hungrily and started stroking their hardening schlongs? Remember how the silverback alpha-male grabbed you roughly and tore down your zubaz before plunging his mighty saber into your too-tight ass? Remember how you felt your colon tear horribly as the gorilla went in deeper? Remember how he mercilessly pounded your destroyed ass whilst tossing you around like a scrawny rag-doll? Remember how you noticed that all the other gorillas, as well as the chimps in the adjoining cage and Zack, Slater and Belding, were all stood around masturbating furiously at the spectacle? Remember how the hot stench of primal lust in the air reminded you of the time you were gang-raped in the boy's changing room by Ox, Slater and Marvin Nedick? Remember how the alpha-male roared mightily before gunning an astonishing amount of semen into your corrupted digestive tract? Remember how this was a sign for all of the others to climax, and a call of the wild went up as everyone ejaculated simultaneously? Remember how thick ropes of hot animal sperm arced through the air, drenching you thoroughly? Remember how the alpha-male withdrew, took a shit in his hand and mashed it into your jew-fro? Remember how the zookeeper later told you that, in gorilla society, this meant that the two of you were now married? Remember how you were forced to live with your new husband for 6 months until he finally suffered a heart attack one night while reaming your ass for the umpteenth time? You sure are one unlucky sonofabitch!

A remember when that you never knew the truth to
Dustins_Rim_Goblin - April 24, 2006 08:41 PM (GMT)

Dustin, do you remember when the studio decided to get rid of the Kevin the robot prop and how you thought that Kevin was real? Remember how much you cried like little girl and your older castmates laughed at you so much that you ran into Milo's broom closet and cried for hours on end. Remember when you found some voodoo stuff of Milo's and you did voodoo to make Kevin come back to life. Remember how several day's later Kevin found you and you took him to your house. Remember how Kevin would knock you out and take advantage of you. Remember one time you woke up and found your chest cavity ripped open and Kevin was taking a dump in your chest? Remember how he saw you came to, so he took a baseball bat and knock you out? Remember how Kevin made you undress in front of him and stuck his cock in you and shot thick ropey loads in your rectum. Remember how you never questioned why a robot could take a dump or shoot thick ropey loads on you, or even why Kevin's penis looked like a real human cock? Remember how one time Kevin ass raped you, robbed your house, called you the stupidist faggot in the world and you never saw or heard from him again? Well I've got some news for you. What you didn't know is that when the studio threw out the Kevin suit, I was digging in the garbage cans. I found it and dressed in it with the full intention of engaging in gay sex with you and than humiliating you. I really got you that time you stupid fag. I mean come on dipshit, it was a fake robot, yet it was able to shit on you and it had a flesh penis. Are you that fucking retarded? The best part was when I took that shit in your chest and beat you with the bat. Remember how you kept crying for your mommy until I finally knocked you out cold. Remember how you woke up in a pool of blood and feces. Remember how I sat there with a grin on my fake robot face? Rmember when I said you had crabs and needed to shave your pubes. Remember how afer you shaved, I threw carburator fluid all over your penis and it burned. Remember how you curled into the fetal postition and cried. If Kevin the robot showed up at your doorstep, would you let him in? Damn I bet I can get you good again. Silly fag

Remember the track meet?
Deucer - August 3, 2005 08:11 PM (GMT)

Screech, remember the episode where Zack was supposed to be in a track meet but couldn't take part unless he finished his history project first? Remember how Zack jokingly suggested that you fill in for him, and everyone laughed at the thought of you trying to run? Remember how upset you were at the thought of being made to run, but then you thought it over, and you began to fantasize about running alongside the other boys in their tight running shorts, and you realised it might not be so bad? Remember how you hoped it would be a relay race, and you fantasized about one of your team mates grabbing your erect penis instead of the baton?

Remember how you started taking it seriously, so Belding called you to his office so he could have a word with you about 'the big meet'? Remember how you went in and he stood behind his desk and said "Screech, I've called you here because I wanted to talk to you about the big meet..." and then he flopped his cock and balls out on the blotter pad, pointed to them and when he saw your shocked face said "I meant THIS big meat, you scrawny-ass motherFUCK!!!!"? Remember how he walked over to you and slapped you unconscious with the hardening head of his ding-a-ling? Remember when you came to you found he'd bent you over his desk and was unapologetically ploughing you in the ass? Belding sure got you good that time!!!

Remember when you spent the night in jail
Dustins_Rim_Goblin - August 2, 2005 04:30 PM (GMT)

Dustin, remember whe you got arrested for taking advantage of a bum when you were 14 on the set of SBTB, and a judge decided that you needed to be scared straight so he sent you to jail for the night. Remember how everyone was giving you cat calls and calling you sweet meat as you were lead to your cell. remember your cellmate Paco who immediatly made you his bitch. Remember how they wanted a group of inmates to talk to you with hopes that you'd stop raping bums. Remember how they put you in a dimmly light room with 10 big inmates and locked the door. remember how they toke turns violently raping your ass as the guards stood outside laughing and taking pictures. remember when one guy shoved his whole fist up your ass and grabbed your spleen as you screamed out loud. They sure taught you a little lesson didn't they.

Rememberwhen you dated Candace Cameron
Dustins_Rim_Goblin - July 29, 2005 09:13 PM (GMT)

Dustin, do you remember whe you "dated" Candace Cameron in an attempt to make you look straight. Remember when her studly brother Kirk came by the set to pay you a little visit. Remember how he punched you in the stomache an pulled your underoos so far up your ass crack that you had to cut them to get them off and you bled for 5 days straight. Remember how he came back to visit you and told you to leave his sister alone and he'd hook you up with Danny Pintauro. Remember how he came to the set with Danny and Danny looked you over and told you to fuck off as he spit in your face. Remember how the both of them trampled and beat the shit out of you until Kirk dropped his pants and sprayed diarrhea all over you as you lay crying for security. They sure told you.

Remember when...
Dner - July 25, 2005 06:04 AM (GMT)

Hey Screech, remember the time that Lisa got her dad's credit card for her good grades? Remember how she spent beyond her means and she couldn't afford to pay her bill? Remember how scared she was of her father? Remember how you and the gang said that you'd help her out because "thats what friends are for?" Remember how after a few days of raising some dough Zach and Slater approched you on a scheme that would get Lisa off the hook for good? Remember how they led you to Belding's office claiming that Belding had an excelent idea to save Lisa's hide? Remember when you walked into the office and Slater locked the door behind you and you didn't really think anything of it? Remember how Zack said "here he is sir! Prime for the pickin!" and it still didn't add up? Remember how Belding said in a low sleazy voice "goooooooood...." and stood up and unbuttoned his pants? Remember how just when things started to add up Slater cracked you over the head with Belding's Principal of the Year award? Remember how you fell to the floor? Remember how you scrambled to get to the door and to the hallway? Remember how as you started crawling Zack kicked you in the stomach? Remember how Zack and Slater grabbed you and pinned you to the floor? Remember when Mr. Belding ripped off your Zubaz and said "this'll be worth ever fucking cent! NOW TAKE YOU JEWISH FAGGOT!!!!" Remember how Mr. Belding jammed his middle aged wrinkled hard cock in your unlubbed ass? Remember how Zack and Slater chuckled and giggled as Belding rapped your torn up bleeding asshole? Remember how you screamed in pain? Remember how after about ten minutes of Belding pummeling your ass he pulled out and shoved his fist in your rectum? Remember how Belding said "Slater my boy, why don't you have a little fun?" Remember how Slater let go of you and Zack knelt on your shoulders and started to jack off on your face? Remember how Slater pulled down his acid washed jeans and stuck his Mexican man beef burrito in you bleeding ass? Remember how he fucked you and then shot his load in your ass? Remember how Zack finally came and blew his spooge on your face? Remember when Belding said "alright you two. I think you've had enough. He's all mine!" Remember when Belding got in the 69 position on top of you and grunted a turd out onto your face? Remember when he said that he's still got some "school spirit" in him? Remember when his teeth latched onto your cock and he shot out a stream of school caffeteria food shit all over your face? Remember when he turned around and finally came on your face and then rubbed him and Zacks fluids all over your face? Remember when he finallly stood up and said "it wasn't worth it" and kicked you in the stomach? Remember how Zack and Slater finally convinced Belding to keep you for his pleasure for a few days? Remember how Belding finally gave Zack and Slater the money needed for Lisa's credit card? Remember Belding told you that Jew's were only good at making money and then grabbed your fro and farted in your face? Remember when he tossed you under his desk and left you there while he cleaned up in the bathroom? Remember how you felt under there all shitted up and jizzed to oblivion? Boy that Bayside gang sure has some crazy schemes!

RememberWhen - July 20, 2005 12:17 PM (GMT)

Hey Screech,

Remember how Jessie's most famous line was "I'm so excited, I'm so excited... I'm so scared"? Remember how she nicked it from overhearing your sexy conversations with Belding as he produced his schlong and first introduced it to the ravaged world of your tight ass?

Remember how Jessie, the feminst, joined the Cheerleading squad? WTF was all that about? Remember how you got really pissed off at Jessie and how she used to get all the attention from AC Slater?

Remember how you got Slater and Jessie to fight? Remember how Slater found out and stuck his taco bell cock up your vagina, I mean ass? Remember the squishing noises as he rode you like a bunking bronco and he was the cowboy? Remember how much your ass hurt?

Remember how you fell asleep and woke up the next morning dumped on an island with a bunch of strange looking men dumping their soil on your face? Remember how you thought they were Cannibals and you thought they would anally rape you, then eat you? Remember how they did? Remember how you enjoyed it before Belding rescued you?

Remember how Belding was in full army uniform and kicked, punched and shot the cannibals away from your schlong which was hanging off by a thread? Remember how Belding took you into his old Army helicopter and he dumped his hot stew into your eyes, bukkake style and it ran down your face? Remember how he began to get hungry and eat the rest of your hanging monkey cock?

You sure got eaten by Cannibals that time Screech!

RememberWhen - July 20, 2005 08:53 AM (GMT)

Hey Screech, remember when Zack got James the actor/waiter to impersonate his father so he can get out of going to Stansbury and get Jessie to be entered instead? Remember how James' fake moustache kept peeling off? Remember how Zack couldn't keep a straight face? Remember that time you walked in on James tickling Zack's zinger with his falling-off moustache? Remember the jizz Zack spilled onto James' face?

Remember how you wish you were recieving that special salty solution instead? Remember how Zack got infurated and punched you in the gut? Remember how it hurt so bad you ended up arched over? Remember how James' eyes widened as he shoved his Coke Can sized schlong up your beef shoot? Remember how he ravaged your ass whilst he sang the entire works of Shakespeare at the top of his voice?

Remember how you stumbled out of the closet and into the sex ed class with your trousers down and blood pouring between your legs? Remember how you walked in on the sex ed class and Jessie looked at your schlong and cried "I'm so excited, I'm so excited..." and then when she saw your blood dripping ass she yelled "I'm so scared!" and ran off to tell Belding?

Remember how Belding said suspended you from all classes and made you do homework at his house? Remember how you wondered why Belding was so interested in you, and all 6 members of the school and how he often hung around them like he was the Fonz or something?

Remember that night when you got to his house and you saw Belding, Zack and James the actor complete with fake moustache ready to tickle your zoinker? Remember how you looked to the camera and yelped "ZOINKS!" as each of them took you up the poop-shoot?

You sure got full blown AIDS that time you afro tea-baging jackass.

remember when you went to Palm Springs?
Dustins_Rim_Goblin - July 19, 2005 11:36 PM (GMT)

Screech do you remember when you and the whole gang went to Palm Springs for Jessies dad's wedding. Remember when you wore nothing but a pair of zubaz and walked around shirtless hopeing to get some guys. Remember how you thought Zack was in love with you and you almost told him how you want to suck his cock. Remember how Zack started to talk serious with you and you tried to kiss him, so he punched you in the face and shoved his cock in your mouth. Remember how Slater came over and stuck a parking cone up your ass until you bled. Remember how Jessies dad came over to show the guys how to swing. Remember how you got AID's that day after a gang of bums raped you. That was one of my favorite episodes.

Peter Engel sure didn't like drugs...
RememberWhen - July 19, 2005 08:58 PM (GMT)

Hey Screech!

Remember how Slater and Zack used to fight over Kelly every day of school (even Saturday)? Remember how they used to get *REAL* close... remember how they eyeballed each other? Remember how you wish they were fighting over you instead?

Remember how you used to fling yourself between Slater and Zack hoping to rub cocks with them? Remember how Belding had to break apart this male schlong fest with a baseball bat?

Remember how he claimed you were the cause of the fight because of your lazy, wide open gas-pump gangbangable ass-hole? Remember how he sent you to the chemical lab to score up on your lagging grades or else Belding would purposely kick you in the crotch on your graduation day photo?

Remember how when you entered the chemical lab Jessie was doing drugs? Remember how she was all like "I'm so sxcited, I'm so excited, I'm so...SCARED!" Before derobing herself right in front of you?

Remember how your pecker didn't make a move and you wondered why? Remember how your nerdy ass led you to the drugs and started handing them out hoping that it would somehow find its way to the guys? Remember how you rubbed your hands in glee when all the guys starting doing your drugs and started to take off all their clothes?

Remember how Zack got hold of your secret drugs stash and sold it to the entire school, not realising the effect it would have? Remember how you said "ZOINKS" as every guy offered their ass to Zack in a kind of Zombie way? Remember how guys shot their load all over him and you ran off leaving Zack to be anally raped by the ass-raving zombies that you created? Remember how he yelped "Help me screech!" as the guys started to pencil his ass with their many schlongs and fill his blonde mouth with their silky milk dross?

Remember how you ran straight into Charles Bronson who was filming the rather tedious "Death Wish 4: The Crackdown"? Remember how he had that ridiclousily oversized gun? Remember how big that 'tache of his was? Remember how you wondered how big his schlong was and how easy it would be to fit all that meat up your tiny white ass?

Remember how Brosnon kicked you aside and started blasting all the school kids for no apparant reason? Remember how he said "I was just making a sand-wich and some kids tried to sell *ME* those damn drugs ..." as he reloaded and kicked you in the nuts...

God... when Peter Engel wants to send a message that drugs are bad - he sure doesn't kid...

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