Thursday, October 18, 2007

Hot Gay "Remember When" Fantasy About Screech

I discovered this hot gay "remember when" fantasy involving Screech and Milo the janitor (from Good Morning Miss Bliss) over in the guestbook. Screech sured learned a valuable lesson in this story:

04th April 2005 - 01:56:27 PM
13026 : Maxwell Nerdstrom
Hey Screech, do you remember Milo the black janitor? Remember the time you were hanging out with me, Zack and Slater, and Milo came by, and Zack and Slater started calling him names because he was a total fucktard? Remember how, goaded on by Zack and Slater, you called Milo a 'big dumb jiggaboo' and a 'smelly black bastard'? Remember how Zack and Slater laughed, and we all went to class, but you started to feel really bad about what you'd said to Milo, so you went off to find him and apologise? Remember how you found him crying in the cafeteria? Remember how you put your arm around him and said you were really sorry? Remember how he looked up and smiled, and then started looking you up and down and licking his lips? Remember how he mumbled something about 'payback'? Remember how, before you could work out what he said, he started dragging you to the Janitor's closet, and then threw you inside? Remember how you hit your head on a shelf and lost consciousness? Remember how, when you came to, Milo was standing over you with his erect penis sticking out in front of him? Remember how it was the size of a Pringles can, and his testicles were as large as tennis balls? Remember how he lubed up his gargantuan member with engine oil, and said "now Milo's gon' get HIS"? Remember how he pulled you up by the afro, prised your jaws apart, slid his huge cock into your mouth and started throat-fucking you? Remember how his cock was too large for you mouth, and you felt your lips and jaw begin to tear, and your throat muscles being horribly damaged? Remember how your moans of pain made him think you were enjoying it, and he started saying things like "yeah, jus' like a white bitch" and "suck it harder, snowflake"? Remember how he kept saying "yeah, Milo likes dat shit"? Remember how, after a few minutes of horrible pain, Milo said "oh shit, Milo gots to CUMMMMM!!!!!" and bellowed like a hippopotamus? Remember how he unleashed a torrent of semen so vast and powerful it gushed down your throat like a sperm Niagra, destroying your damaged throat muscles? Remember how his load tasted like stale beer and rancid TV dinners, and it caused your stomach to swell like a balloon filling with water? Remember how, when he'd finally finished, he pulled out, and you fell to the floor, cough/vomiting semen and blood? Remember how you couldn't gag or speak properly because your throat had been destroyed? Remember how Milo tired of your horrible gurgling sounds, so he donkey-punched you unconscious and left, locking you in the closet? Remember how it was a week before anyone found you, half-dead and emaciated?

Remember how you had to endure months of painful surgery to repair the damage done by Milo's horse-cock, and on your return to school you went to Mr. Belding to tell him what had happened and to get Milo fired? Remember how Belding didn't fire Milo, because Milo had a history of psychosis and child molestation, and had done hard time, and as such was willing to work for next to nothing? Remember how Milo terrorized you for the rest of your school days? You know, I think Milo taught you an important lesson about respecting people of different ethnicities that day. PWNDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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