Thursday, June 22, 2006

Queer Dustin Diamond-Related Media

As you may have heard, Diamond is about to lose his house to foreclosure. He went on the Howard Stern Show last week to grovel and beg for money. He mentioned that he's selling t-shirts on his new website. I went to his website yesterday and discovered some pathetic queer ring tones on his website. Check them out here.

Here's a link to a downloadable file of his Howard Stern appearance.

I also found some other cool Diamond-related media links:

This is a link to an appearance Diamond made on the Opie & Anthony Show in 2002 where he was harassed by several anti-Screech callers. There's a funny exchange between a caller and Diamond at about 135 minutes in to this file.

Here's a video of a 16-year-old nerd totally clowning Diamond in this fake interview.

Here's a clip of an "Inside The Actor's Studio" skit from Saturday Night Live where Tobey Maguire played Screech.

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Anonymous said...

Find the queer Dustin here

124 Grandview
Port Washington, WI 53074